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Regain Healthy Dental Functions with

Dental Implants

Patient-centered Dental Implants practice, in close partnership with our restorative and general dental colleagues. This team relationship enhances and expands the scope of care. Offering custom designed specialty services based on careful interdisciplinary communication. We believe this model is the best approach to consistently achieving the finest treatment outcomes for dental implants patients.

Dental Implants Scottsdale

Tooth Implants

Tooth implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums and act as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. In turn, this “artificial tooth root” serves to hold a replacement tooth, denture or bridge.

Dr. David Barget and Dr. Lewis Robinson

Providing excellence in dental implants and implant reconstructive dentistry in the Phoenix area for more than 30 years. Placed over 25,000 implants placed with a success rate of 96-97%. Recognized as leading educators in advanced surgical procedures and treatment planning.

Honored to have been selected annually by their peers for recognition as Phoenix Magazine’s Top Dentists award in Periodontics and Dental Implants for 17 consecutive years.

Doctors David Barget and Lewis Robinson

Benefit from the advantage of our clinical and technological advancements in patient care.

Implant Dentistry

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Barget are committed to the highest standard of patient care. Offer a wide range of specialty treatments including expertise in the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontal cosmetics and dental implants, so patient can achieve an optimal level of oral health, esthetics, function and comfort.

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Barget are exceptional restorative specialists collaborating with in the dental field. These relationships allow for a team approach which enables Drs. Robinson and Barget to continue to provide their patients with the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options. Resulting in the patients achieving predictable, exceptional and stunning results.